Friday, November 23, 2007

Adobe Soundbooth

Adobe Soundbooth for CS3 is a new sound-creation, composing, and sound designing package. At first I expected a direct replacement of Adobe Audition, which I understand is being modified. Soundbooth allows you to manipulate individual sounds by the ability to push the sound through a series of different effects. From my current research, I see the program as Photoshop for sound. I tried a few tests with a sample of sound from the construction site of the new Lucas Building here at USC. This is a great tool for a sound designer, because one can put a lot of attention into single sounds to stylistically treat them for a piece. As of now, my pipeline will take sounds recorded in the field, then I will manipulate them in Soundbooth, and finally I will layer, edit, and mix them together in Audition. I will follow the same path with pieces from Loopoly to create my own version of a "Sound Postcard."

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