Friday, November 23, 2007

Image and Sound Relationships

In Bill Whittington's Book, Sound Design & Science Fiction, he thoroughly describes the role of a sound designer. For my final project, I would like to further develop these concepts into a short project. Sound designers like Walter Murch and Ben Burtt rejected the use of sound libraries. They created a pallette of effects for each film. In his work on THX 1138, he recorded sounds on construction sites, airports, zoos, and more to describe the futuristic and psychological world of THX.
In the Contemporary Topics class, Prof. Kathy Smith had students create abstract imagery, combining it with originally designed "Sound Postcards." Many of the 'postcards' featured a musical element to the sound design like a classmate singing. This relates to one of Murch's philosophies on Sound Design in that the sound designer is composing a piece, highly aware of the musical characteristics of each sound. High and low frequencies can play off of each other and quiet and loud contrast is the most important relationship in creating tension.

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