Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Final project concept

My project's intent is to demonstrate the way in which sound influences how we interpret images and allow them to affect us on various levels. I'm going to have multiple (at least 3) images/quicktimes of a neutral face or situation (e.g. man at a table, person walking out of frame, car driving), and multiple (at least 3) sounds depicting different situations (e.g. car crash, birds chirping, ocean waves splashing) that touch across a spectrum of power and emotion. The way I'll present it is having a grid that looks like the following:

The user can scroll over an image and hear the sound play, and see what s/he feels from the combination of sound and image.

I'll get better image and sound ideas for the next iteration...this was just a quick runthrough.


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Brian Lee said...

To follow up on my last post, I also plan to use ambience, music and dialogue in addition to SFX. So I guess I'd have at least four grids like the on I've posted.