Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Last week's discussion and look at the work Jan was putting together and my work made me aware of sounds a step further and the idea of layers to it. How an environment is composed of more than just the sound we directly here but there are ambiances, and different sounds all around us that I never thought about when creating an animation.
I had the idea of just a simple ball bouncing in a room and just the sound effects we add to that can change the type of room and environment is it in.
We can have an intance where we grass rustling, birds chirping and the sounds of the balls at it thuds against the grassy ground and that way we've put the ball in an outdoors sort of park environment.
Another instance is that of having the ball fall again in a room but if we add the sounds of people walking around, and a hard surface that feet hit against and then have the ball hit the ground which could be made out of floor and now that same ball animation has been transformed into a different environment.
The texture and weight of the ball itself can be changed just by changing the sound too.
Sound just like images I've realized have layers, and we can have background, midground and forground sounds in a sense.
This is definitly the way that sound should be incorporated into every peice we do wether they are microcells or even conversations people are having.

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