Monday, October 15, 2007

My question for our guests

Tom Holman
-In real world, when a sound comes form our back or somewhere we don’t noticed, we often turn to the direction where the sound is to see what is happened. Your 10.2 sound system can perform sound just like the real world. When it is used in a theater, won’t it become a disturbance to audience? Because in a theater the screen always in front of us. If audience hear some sound and turn their heads to other place, they will miss some scenes.

Ken Hall
-You edited lots of movie’s music. There are many kinds of movies and animation (Mulan). When you edit music, is there any different between live action and animation?

Bill Whittington
-When you design sounds that audiences never heard before, did you do many kinds of experiment at the beginning? How did you know that kinds of sound can work for audience?

I'm not sure is the meaning of the question be convey in right direction or not. My sentence might not good to understand. Please correct me if there is something wrong.


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