Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Questions for Our Guests

Tom Holman
-With the continued evolution and improvement of visual effects over recent years, the human eye has becoming more discerning with falsified visuals in movies and television - "breaking the fourth wall," in a way. How do you see your 10.2 sound system and other immersive sound technologies keeping audiences within the experience, and avoiding "breaking the fourth wall?"

Ken Hall
-Music clearly informs the audience of mood and tone throughout a film. Do you project your own emotions through your music in order to evoke similar feelings from the audience who will be hearing it?

Bill Whittington
-When creating sounds for real objects and environments that most audiences have never actually experienced, such as being in a submarine or in a spacecraft, where do you base your decisions in order to make the sounds convincing to the average listener? In other words, how much is based on fact, and how much is created from your imagination?

"Ripley, they're playing OUR song!"

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