Sunday, September 30, 2007


This week's Animation Seminar was very interesting for me as a cinematographer and visual artist. The lecture given by Dr. Judith Hirsch taught me some of the amazing properties of the eye. The eye is most sensitive to movement, contrast, and hard edges within an image. Scientists discovered this by measuring the electric impulses from the retina to the optic nerve. I will work with these properties in my thesis because I am working with shadow puppets which center on the use of contrast.

My animation and my sound design for the project will center on promoting conservation of endangered animals. I will pick a subject like a frog, a panda, a chinchilla, etc. and do a cut-out animation piece about the animal. My animation will be limited, but I will develop a few 'style frames' and develop the sound environment portrayed in the frame. My sounds will include narration and sound effects that describe the animal's environment and maybe what aspect of humankind threatens its extinction.

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