Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hello All,

Sorry for missing last week's meeting and seminar. I think the best thing for me to do is just bring my work in tomorrow, because i only have it on a dvd format and that way we can just check it out quickly.
I've been thinking a lot about sound and consciousness and how different sounds affect us emotionally and even sets the moods. Ever since starting this I realized that I'm paying a lot more attention to my surroundings and its funny how I try and identify things and different people can associate the same sounds with different things, and that brings me to the idea I had of sounds and its association with images.
In animation and films a lot of time sounds are created for objects that we have no idea what would ever sounds like. Like light sabers and dinosaurs those are all created sounds, so the idea for the project was to create sounds. Maybe even a guessing game. We can use the folly room, create a set of sounds. First we would present the sound with out any imagery and just have people guess what the sounds could be and then play that same sounds with different images and their actions. Like a rough example would be the same wooshing sounds, and then have a wave, then an object falling, and car passing by and theyre all being shown with the same wooshing sound. I hope that make sense.
I think its an easy project to create and we can all have fun creating the sounds in the room and if everyone else is busy i can easily put it together. I think even the idea of what could microcasms sounds like can definitly be added to this.
I think the other ideas of the radio and other ideas all sounds real good, id like to hear more and I'm sorry I missed "the conversation."
Hope to see you all tomorrow.

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