Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Strength and Honor

Hi everyone! I'm posting a few screens related to my abilities and strengths. As an update I have resolved my FTP uploading issue so I can post/maintain the website when the time comes.

I am well versed in Flash, Dreamweaver and Illustrator. For the majority of my 2D works I have combined these tools together to create (in my opinion) solid pieces.

This screen was captured from a Flash structured database simulation. Basically, the structure and interactivity is all Flash/Actionscript driven while many of the design elements were created in Adobe Illustrator. Photoshop was also used to capture stills and images that are used in the deeper bits.

I am primarily concerned with character animation, acting and gesture. I have used my own drawn characters and free 3d rigs from the web. I have not yet modeled or rigged my own character, but I would like to.

I consider Texturing, Lighting and Sound Design my weakest assets, not because I am horrible at them, but because I have the least amount of experience in these areas. I would very much like to work on mixing and foley to gain more valuable experience for the art of animation.

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