Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Jean was spot on, in order to make this thing shine we should take components from each of these great ideas and meld them together.

I like the ideas we're coming up with now! Jan's idea of a microscopic environment coupled with Malak's idea to produce sounds that trick the mind would be solid additions to the psychological aspects of conversation that Brian chose to post about.

Sound Consciousness says a few things to me.. Firstly, that this project and presentation should be dominated by sound aspects (mixing, effects, et al) and the visual references (characters, environments) should be subordinate to the sound.

I like creating an environment (microscopic or otherwise) in which a the user is not familiar. Many of these sounds will have to be interpreted because there is no way we can know what they are... Furthermore, the visual style should be very controlled (via the colors, or even lack of picture) so as to not "tip our hand". We want to play with the audience's mind a bit because what they think is one sound will definitely not be what they expect!

Perhaps this environment can be in the ear? We'll let Brian decide... The microbes can be characters perhaps? I know Jean was working on neat fish creatures.. Fluid/liquid environments totally change the way sound is represented so I know we will all have fun with that... AND, if you want, each piece on the screen can be contributing layers to the overall "sound" of the environment and can enter/exit the field in such a manner where the effect on the total sound environment a la "The Conversation".

Tell me what you think!

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