Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our own radio show?

Jan and I talked about doing our own radio show last night. Both of us referenced Adam Sandler and the way in which many of his tracks completely reveal characters, setting and story through sound. My suggestion for a project is to come up with a story to tell through voice over, sound effects and maybe music. Naturally, we'd present it at Seminar with nothing on the screen. We could do a visual piece separately to present other information.

For the visual portion, Jan and I discussed doing something in the vein of "Fight Club" when Tyler is explaining splicing footage in a movie projection booth. The story was presented humorously but still gets across information about switching reels, cigarette burns on frames, and subliminal imagery at 1/24th of a second. The part I like most about this part of the movie (Tyler's sick sense of humor aside) is the presentation. The segment is about movies, it's presented in a movie (obviously) and they completely acknowledge that. For example, Tyler points to a cigarette burn in the top corner of the screen to explain what it is.

Maybe for our movie, we could use audio mixing (e.g. fading and panning, increasing bass, etc.) to explain what we researched. Thoughts?


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