Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Our first group meeting will take place this afternoon. Before meeting, I wanted to layout some of my ideas and then after the meeting I will post the direction we will take as a group.

Idea 1: Demonstrate through animation the physics and biology of how whales communicate.

Idea 2: Create a sound piece around a memory, where listeners can distinguish between the present perspective and the mental recreation of the past.

Idea 3: Underwater sound environment.

Idea 4: The structure of the ear and how sound travels to the brain.

For me, these were a good starting point for our research. I seem to be going in the direction of including physics and biology in my work. Also, I am interested in composing an event purely through sound editing.

We also will develop questions for our guests and their presentations on October 17.
Guests: Dr. Bill Whittington
Prof. Ken Hall
Dr. Tomlinson Holman

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